We have found a data phishing web page on the internet that imitates the login screen of ETR system at Szeged University. The aim of this page is to record your ETR login name and password and steel or change your data in ETR. — Keep the following policy rules to avoid to be cheated:  

- Do not start ETR via a Google query. Use the "ETR" link from the University Home Page at, or type the address "" directly into your browser.

- Immediately change your password in the "real" ETR system, if you logged in and the displayed name was not yours.

- When you are on the ETR login screen, check carefully the location (web address) field of your browser. It must start with "", only the "www" token can be replaced by another one: "web3" ... "web12", "www.coosp", "modulo".

- Do not enter your ETR login name and password if the address differs from the above one. We do not operate servers outside the "" university domain.